Baby Blessing

Samantha Kelsie is proud to assist any family welcoming a new child into their life through the celebration of a ‘Baby Blessing’ or Naming Ceremony.

A Baby Blessing or Naming Ceremony is a perfect way to introduce your friends and loved ones to the newest member of your family.

Whether brought together through birth, adoption, or marriage, Baby Blessings and Naming Ceremonies offer a beautiful opportunity to welcome any child or children into your world. It is a ceremony designed to signify your union as a family.

A Baby Blessing or Naming Ceremony allows you an opportunity as a parent or parents, to declare your life long commitment to your children or child. You can also ask close relatives and chosen friends to confirm their role in the child’s upbringing, and commit to the promise to nurture and guide the child as they journey through life.

A Baby Blessing or Naming Ceremony offers you the opportunity to officially celebrate the naming of your child, and give significance to the name you have chosen for them to carry in this world.

What’s included?

Samantha will meet with you and your family a few weeks before, to discuss your plans for the ceremony and begin writing your ceremony script.

Samantha Kelsie celebrant for Baby Blessing or Baby Naming CeremonyYou will be guided by Samantha throughout the ceremony writing process, and will have the option to include poems, readings and music of your choice.

You have the option to include friends and family in your ceremony, by appointing your child with their chosen ‘Godparents’ or ‘Guideparents’ and asking them to make a vow of commitment to their role in your child’s upbringing.

You will also have the option to include a symbolic ceremony using items such as water, candles, memory boxes, and gemstones – or any other symbolic element which is meaningful to you.

You can make as many revisions to your ceremony script as necessary. Together, we will create a service that you feel comfortable with.

On the day of the ceremony, Samantha will join you early enough to conduct a brief rehearsal, before officiating your Baby Blessing or Naming Ceremony in front of family and friends.

Afterwards, you will be presented with a keepsake copy of your ceremony script and a certificate to treasure forever.

From £350
Travel expenses may be added dependent on location.

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Samantha Kelsie is a certified member of The Fellowship of Professional Celebrants.Samantha is a professional marriage, family and funeral celebrant, and certified member of The Fellowship of Professional Celebrants in partnership with The UK College of Celebrancy.