Sara and Simon’s Wedding at Luton Hoo

Sara and Simon celebrated their blessing of marriage at Luton Hoo Walled Gardens on Saturday 16th July.Samantha Kelsie celebrant wedding ceremony luton hoo walled gardens

Sara and Simon’s wedding was a beautiful combination of three cultures. Simon’s family are from the Carribean, and Sara’s are from Pakistan, so in the morning they celebrated with a tradional Muslim Nikkah ceremony, before asking me to help them celebrate with a more traditional British ceremony in the afternoon.

Samantha Kelsie celebrant wedding ceremony luton hoo walled gardens

We made sure to include lots of personal references to their cultuire, families, and the coming together of all their traditions in their ceremony script. It was such an honour to help them do this – how lovely to have something so personal spoken about on your wedding day…

I helped Sara and Simon to write a very sweet set of wedding vows, which involved the groom reading the first half of each line, only to be finished off by the bride who completed each sentence.

It was truly moving, and almost brought everyone to tears! So gorgeous!

Samantha Kelsie celebrant wedding ceremony luton hoo walled gardensSamantha Kelsie celebrant wedding ceremony luton hoo walled gardens

The venue was just divine as well, and we were lucky enough to have the sun shining down on us as the flowers blossomed in the walled garden behind us. The ceremony structure was adorened with trailing hydrangeas (which matched the flowers on my dress – pure coincidence!) and we had a snazzy sparkly table set up behind us ready for the couple to sign their personal certificate of their wedding vows…. a cute little keepsake of the day.

Samantha Kelsie celebrant wedding ceremony luton hoo walled gardens

Sara looked truly stunning both in her traditional Muslim costume and later on in her pure white wedding dress. She’s a very lucky lady too, as Simon is quite possibly one of the most romantic gentlemen I have ever had the pleasure of meeting!

Samantha Kelsie celebrant wedding ceremony luton hoo walled gardens

It was a real honour to be a part of their day… wishing you both so much love and happiness x

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Chloe and David’s Farm Wedding in Winslow

Chloe and David celebrated their wedding ceremony on Saturday 2nd June, on Chloe’s family farm.

samantha kelsie wedding celebrant outdoor farm wedding uk

It was a spectacularly quirky event, with the bride, her father and her two little boys arriving on a tractor. Everyone watched them as they drove down towards the ceremony, which was held in a gorgeous spot on one of the furthest corners of the farm. There was huge round of applause once they arrived!

samantha kelsie wedding celebrant outdoor farm wedding uk

Overall, the day was bright and sunny, but there were a few cheeky black clouds circling around us threatening to keep us on our toes. Luckily, I had brought my two white bridal brollies with me (and my welly boots!) and the Best Man was on hand to whip out the umbrellas when we needed them – which we did, twice!

samantha kelsie wedding celebrant outdoor farm wedding uk

Chloe and David chose to hold their wedding on the farm due to the personal place it held in both of their hearts. But, in respect of their faith, they chose to repeat the traditional church vows we all know so well.

“Think what a better world it would be if we – the whole world – had cookies and milk about three o’clock every afternoon and then lay down with our blankies for a nap.  Or if all governments had a basic policy to always put things back where they found them and to clean up their own mess.  And it is still true, no matter how old you are – when you go out in to the world, it is best to hold hands and stick together”.
Reading by Robert Fulgham, read out by a friend.

After an exchange of wedding rings, and two poems read out by different friends, we ended the ceremony with a family handfasting. Chloe and David’s two little boys were involved in helping to bring forward the four ribbons which represented them each as members of the family, and were used to bind their parent’s hands together.  samantha kelsie wedding celebrant outdoor farm wedding uk

It was a gorgeous ceremony, and extremely personal to both the couple and the whole family. Lots of guests commented afterwards on how very unqiue it had been, and how priviledged they felt to be there to experience this moment with them.

We timed everything just perfectly, as the moment the ceremony ended and all the guests reached the reception marquee the heavens finally opened in full flow and I found myself caught in a torrential rain storm so heavy I had to wait in the car for a full 10 minutes before I could safely drive away from the farm!

Oh well, they do say it’s good luck if it rains on your wedding day… x

Thank you to Chloe and David for sending these photos, which were snapped by one of the guests during the wedding ceremony.

Andy and Nikki’s Garden Wedding at Home

Congratulations to beautiful couple Andy and Nikki who were married this weekend! We were lucky enough to keep the wet weather at bay on Saturday afternoon, long enough to enjoy a glorious outdoor wedding ceremony underneath a huge oak tree, stood out on the pretty corner patio of the garden, at the bride’s family home in Farnham Common.

samantha kelsie  out door wedding ceremony celebrant beaconsfieldThe wedding was a quaint affair, sweet and informal, with guests making themselves well and truly at home in Nikki’s father’s house, and friends chipping in and lending hands to the kitchen and cupcake stands, all contributing to a family-like vibe which resonated throughout the celebration.

A harpist played the bride in to the ceremony, and the rings were delivered with the help of Molly the Jack Russel, who behaved just beautifully on cue from the groom!

samantha kelsie  out door wedding ceremony celebrant beaconsfieldAndy and Nikki’s ceremony was an absolute joy to write , and a pleasure to perform. The script held a heavy responsibility not just in supporting the couple’s commitment to eachother, but to their earth-loving lifestyle, and dedication to the environment too. 

“Hiya Samantha, 

Just a quick email before I forget to say a huge thank you for Saturday- everyone commented how great you were 🙂 It all went perfectly and your confidence really helped me get through the ceremony and saying our vows!

Nikki xx” 

Spirituality was in abundance, with a quote by Ghandi, and a beautiful Ohso blessing delivered by a friend, and the vows were scripted with Buddhist teachings, and spoken in unison by the bride and groom.

What was even more unique, were the wedding rings Nikki and Andy had chosen to wear to symbolise their marriage. Not like traditional wedding rings, these rings were made of wood, sourced from an area of the world dear to their hearts, and a central band of crushed shells and sand which represent their personal values, and our human significance, within the greater story of our planet.

samantha kelsie  out door wedding ceremony celebrant beaconsfieldTheir ceremony was truly beautiful, and the bond between this couple, and their dedication to what they believe in is simply admirable. It was an honour to help them celebrate their day…


Mahsa and Mamad’s Wedding at Syon Park

Last weekend I had the absolute honour of officiating the marriage of Mahsa and Mamad at South West London’s Samantha Kelsie Wedding Celebrant at Syon Park Londongorgeous venue Syon House and Park.

Mahsa and Mamad originate from Iran, and already officiated their marriage in a traditional Iranian ceremony with their families back at the end of last year. However, the pair have lived and worked in central London for over 10 years now, and so this weekend, following a quick registrar ceremony in the morning, this beautiful couple underwent a third ceremony in the glorious Great Hall of the house, with myself as their celebrant.

Although many of the guests had travelled from Iran, Austria, Canada, the US (and some even made their way out of central London on a Saturday!!), Mahsa and Mamad wanted this ceremony to be ‘typically British’ in tradition, so together we planned and wrote a simple script which incorporated a declaration of intent, traditional C of E wedding vows, and an exchanging of wedding rings. Of course, we still included the personal touches too… that’s what makes it a celebrant ceremony after all!

Mahsa looked just beautiful in her dress, and her bridesmiads all wore lilac. They were each escorted down the aisle in the historic manor hall by an usher, to greet the nervous groom. Three ceremonies in, you’d think he’d have been ised to this by now, but certainly third time’s a charm and this was the final, and most meaningful, moment to say ‘I do!’

Syon Park Wedding Celebrant Samantha Kelsie

It was a joy to be part of this lovely couple’s wedding day, and to enjoy spending a few hours in such a beautiful setting too. I can not thank the team at Syon House for being so very welcoming and accomodating on the day, and am so grateful for the gorgeous feedback received from them afterwards too:

“Dear Samantha,

We really enjoyed working with you at Syon Park last weekend. [Our event coordinators] found your sensitive and thoughtful approach very helpful – and your ceremony was lovely.

Head of Functions and Events – Syon Park”