Good question!
Well you’ve made it this far, but maybe now you’re wondering:
“Who is Samantha Kelsie?”

OK… maybe you’re not wondering this at all.
But I do love to have a good chat, so grab yourself a cup of tea, coffee (G&T?) and allow me to introduce myself! 

Life is a wondrous thing – isn’t it?
Yeah, it is.
In fact it’s really pretty cool actually.
But what’s even cooler, is that every person in life is completely unique & we’re all entitled to our own epic adventure.

My own little adventure began somewhere in the mid-1980s (I won’t be too specific!) but since my own ‘day dot’ I’ve been busy wandering the world exploring different lifestyles, cultures, ideologies & beliefs, and the alternative rituals & ceremonies we use to celebrate the life we share with others.

Yep, I’m a girl who loves to travel…

But in travelling the world, I’ve learned a lot about the different ways we can commemorate the milestones we all reach in this great adventure we call life.

The whole planet fascinates me – but it’s the people who live on this planet that blow my mind entirely!

As humans, we really are so very different in our nature from one person to the next. And that’s what makes us so special! But regardless of who we are or where we come from, what unites us all is our universal belief that ‘life & love are pretty awesome, and should be celebrated.’ 

Too right they should. Both those things are pretty epic!

As a celebrant, I absolutely adore working with other people to help them  realise this. But not only that –  I LOVE helping them to express this realisation as well – by celebrating their own life and love in a way that works best.

It’s my absolute passion to encourage others to embrace the opportunities we have in this life to be so diversely different, and to be true to our selves in the way that we do it! So why not at your wedding?

I set up as a Wedding Planner initially with the aim to help couples plan a wedding that embodied not just their love, but their personality and style as well. As a Celebrant – I try to take this one step further by asking you to not only plan your wedding day but to OWN IT too – by owning your love in a ceremony that’s uniquely yours whilst your at it.

(Yep, I even made a hashtag!)

So, who is Samantha Kelsie?
Well, since you ask…
I’m a fun-loving, lady with a heart of gold and a personality that’s brimming with wit and affection. I adore most things in life (tea, cats, gin, selfies…) and hate very little ( except maybe snakes, spiders, and poor quality lipstick).

I am ‘in love’ with Love – in all of its variations – and am on a mini-mission to encourage others to embrace that love too. Surely, that’s not too difficult, is it?!

Now for the serious bit…

I’m a professional and experienced Celebrant and Wedding & Event Planner with a background in charity fundraising and corporate events. I’ve also dabbled around on stage over the years as a  performer and producer, and have found myself falling effortlessly into the role of Host and MC at various events. Believe me, any excuse for me to wear glitter and something fancy on my head and I AM THEREthe opportunity rarely escapes me!

I have degree in Film and TV Studies, meaning I can stick fancy letters at the end of my name in an email if I wish to… (but I don’t). I’m also a trained Life Coach and run a separate business coaching others.

Samantha Kelsie pictured with fellow independent funeral celebrants, and members of the Fellowship of Professional Funeral CelebrantsI am a registered member of The Fellowship of Professional Celebrants and a fully trained and certified Marriage, Family and Funeral Celebrant in conjunction with the UK College of Celebrancy (that’s me in the picture, at the front on the left!) 

In 2011 I was asked to become a Committee Board Member for the Best Practice Association for Wedding Planning and Event Management after my wedding planning business won me a few awards. As a recognised expert in the UK Wedding Industry, I regularly contribute articles and advice to numerous online and print publications inclduing: The Mail Online, Love My DressWedding Planner and Your County Wedding Mag… and many more.

Not one to talk too much…
I’m also the regular ‘go-to girl’  for both wedding and funeral features on BBC Three Counties Radio, and have been interviewed by ITV News and various newspapers for features on weddings. I found my 5 minutes of fame back in 2013 when I took on the role of ‘professional mentor’ to a famous Welsh comedian on the BBC programme Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience, as Rhod got to grips with planning a wedding.

Most recently, I have become a proud Supplier Ambassador for online wedding website WeddingPlanner.co.uk and am a regular contributor of ‘Real Weddings’ to the online Celebrant Directory .

So, that’s enough about me…. tell me something about you?



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