Hello! Well you’ve made it this far, but perhaps now you’re wondering “who is ‘Samantha Kelsie’ anyway?” 

Hmm… maybe you’re not wondering this at all. But I do love to have a good chat so go grab yourself a coffee and allow me to introduce myself! 
(Mine’s a tea by the way – strong and milky, no sugar. OR a G&T if you’re really asking…)

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Life is a wondrous thing – isn’t it?

Yeah, it’s pretty cool actually. But what’s even cooler is that every person in life is completely unique, and every journey we take should be treated as an adventure.

My own little adventure began somewhere in the mid-late 1980s (I won’t be too specific – I’m still adjusting the the latest milestone!) but since day dot I’ve been busy wandering the world exploring different lifestyles, cultures, ideologies and beliefs. The whole planet fascinates me, but the people who are in it are what blow my mind altogether!

Samantha Kelsie Celebrant Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies for wedding or eventAs people, we really are so very different and intriguing in our nature – and that’s what makes us so special. But what unites us more than anything, is a shared belief that love is sacred and life should be celebrated… (and believe me, this 30 – something girl really does know how to party!)

As a celebrant and a wedding & event planner I adore working with people to help them not only realise this truth but to also find a way to express it, and to encourage others to embrace the ability we all have to be so diversely different. But most importantly – to be so true to our own self! 

I set up as a Wedding Planner initially with the aim to help couples plan a day which was entirely reflective of them and their choices, but as a Celebrant I take this one step further by asking you to not just plan your own wedding but to OWN IT too.

(Yep, I even have a hashtag!)

So who is Samantha?
Well, since you ask… I’m a fun-loving and generous little madam with a heart of gold and a personality that’s brimming with wit and affection. I adore most things in life (tea, cats, cake, selfies etc…) and hate very little (snakes, spiders, and poor quality lipstick). I am in love with the concept of Love and am on a ‘mini-mission’ to encourage others to embrace their belief in themselves and in each other as we make our journey through life… (that’s not too difficult, is it?!)

I’m a professional and highly experienced celebrant and wedding planner with a background in charity fundraising and marketing events. I’ve also ‘dabbled’ on stage over the years as a cabaret performer and producer, and have fallen effortlessly into the role of event host/ compere time and time again. I adore any excuse to wear glitter and something fancy on my head – the opportunity never escapes me!

I hold a university degree in Film and TV Studies (meaning I can stick fancy letters at the end of my name in an email if I wish to… but I don’t).

Samantha Kelsie pictured with fellow independent funeral celebrants, and members of the Fellowship of Professional Funeral CelebrantsI am a registered member of The Fellowship of Professional Celebrants and a fully trained and certified Marriage, Family and Funeral Celebrant in conjunction with the UK College of Celebrancy (that’s me, front left!)

I am also the proud owner of award winning Wedding Planning business Oh So Perfect – Wedding and Events.

In 2011 I was asked to become a Committee Adviser Board Member of the Best Practice Association for Wedding Planning and Event Management in conjunction with The Wedding Planner School, and as a recognised expert in the UK Wedding Industry, I regularly contribute articles and advice to numerous online wedding and print publications such as Love My DressWedding Planner and Your County Wedding Mag… amongst others.

Not one to ever talk too much or express an opinion (ha!)… I have also been interviewed for both wedding and funeral features live on BBC Three Counties Radio and ITV News, and I found my  minutes of fame back in 2013 when I took on the role of ‘professional wedding planning mentor’ to a famous Welsh comedian on BBC’s Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience.

Most recently, I have become a proud Supplier Ambassador for online wedding planning website WeddingPlanner.co.uk and am a regular contributor of ‘Real Weddings’ to the new and very exciting The Celebrant Directory blog.

So, that’s enough about me…. tell me something about you?

Phone: 07783 141 202
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