Penny and Adrian’s Autumn Wedding in Suffolk

Penny and Adrian were one of my favourite couples to work with in 2016… so sweet they were!

They were married in a traditional yet intimate ceremony in Needham Market, Suffolk, with a selection of their nearest and dearest family and friends to support them.

As an older couple, Penny and Adrian had both experienced loss in their previous married lives, but had bonded over their shared heartache and understanding of being untimely widowed.

However, their new found love for one another, and the new breath of life they have both gained from their companionship, was so beautifully celebrated by their commitment into marriage, and the recognition they gave to their partners before them in doing so too.

When a season ends, a tree sheds its old leaves and lets them fall to the ground. But it does not dismiss them. Those leaves become vital to the seasons that follow. They dissolve into the earth, and their nutrients are absorbed by tree’s roots. Unseen, they help to nurture the tree, and give sustenance to the new life that visibly blossoms above.

Penny and Adrian are an admirable example to us all, that it is never too late in life to live life to the fullest. But more so, the fact that they are both able to fill that life with love, fills us with the hope and the courage that we all are able to follow their example, to learn to live our lives in a way which embraces the world around us, in the way that they embrace the world that is now theirs together.

I felt so proud to know that not only had Penny and Adrian found love after loss, but that I had been able to help them share this with everyone who loved them. It was an honour to help them say their vows a second time, to each other, knowing the true meaning of what those little words really do mean when you say them to the one you love.

I wish them both a whole world of happiness together… x

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