Simon and Justin’s Intimate Wedding at Home 

Could their be anywhere in the world more personal to hold your wedding ceremony, than to hold your wedding ceremony in the comfort of your own home? I doubt it.

I’ve held many a beautiful wedding ceremony at home for my couples and it really is just such a lovely way to spend the day in a way which feels so very intimate, relaxed, and special to the people who are with you.

a celebrant wedding ceremony at home

Simon and Justin’s wedding at their home in the Aylesbury Vale was exactly that – intimate, relaxed and special. It was moving, emotional, sincere, and simply divine.

Only their very nearest and dearest attended. It was a day which was designed exclusively for them, and the couple were so very literally ‘at home’ saying their sincerest sentiments of love and commitment to each other in a way which was so endearing.

Together, we shared the story of their relationship – a story which spans over 20 years together – and expressed their reasons for tying the knot in such a simple way now…

a celebrant wedding ceremony at home

We lit unity candles, using the help of both grooms and their mothers, and the guests took part in a ring warming ceremony, where Simon and Justin’s own wedding bands were passed from person to person, allowing each guest a moment to share their sentiments for the happy couple out loud.

After the service, we all toasted the happy couple with champagne before I left the party to enjoy a beautiful home cooked meal in the comfort of their oh so stylish barn lounge interior.

a celebrant wedding ceremony at home

It was truly an honour to join them, just 8 of us together in total, plus two eager dogs in bow ties watching through the glass door!

Congratulations Simon and Justin! x


Claire and Dave's Intimate Garden Surprise Wedding Ceremony in Beaconsfield Samantha Kelsie Celebrant

Claire and Dave | Secret Garden Wedding

I first Skyped with Claire and Dave back in January this year. I was visiting Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, at the time, and they were at home in Boston, USA. We discussed their plans for an intimate and informal surprise wedding ceremony, to be held in Beaconsfield, England.

A few months later, we Skyped again. This time, I was back home in London, finishing my lunch, and they were perched ready with dressing gowns on and large coffees in hand, up early before the working day began over in America.

Several Skype meetings and a heap of emails sent at all times of day and night later, we had a plan… and we had a ceremony! Claire and Dave were ready to travel for the US and get married in England. But nobody else knew about it…

Claire and Dave's Intimate Garden Surprise Wedding Ceremony in Beaconsfield Samantha Kelsie Celebrant
So, yesterday afternoon, on one sunny May Sunday, Claire & Dave and I finally met face to face at the beautiful Brook house in Beaconsfield, along with all their closest friends and family.

The couple had flown in to the UK only 2 days earlier, with the promise of bringing their dearest relatives together for a weekend BBQ at a beautiful country house they had hired for the Bank Holiday. But – there came with them a surprise. On Friday evening, Claire and Dave announced to the guests the true intentions behind their gathering…. they were also here to say ‘I do!’

Claire and Dave's Intimate Garden Surprise Wedding Ceremony in Beaconsfield Samantha Kelsie Celebrant
One thing which truly unites this couple is their mutual love of family – and not just their own family, but each other’s as well. They wanted a small, simple wedding, with no fuss, and no anxiety for anyone involved. But rather than run far away and get married alone together somewhere else in the world, they came home instead, to celebrate their day with their most treasured family and a select few friends.

The ceremony was sweet, sentimental, and so emotionally charged, it was difficult not to be moved by the love between them. They demonstrate a love which was so perfectly reflected in their style of day – true, honest, touching, endearing…. a modest wedding, for a modest pair, who share a bond so unassuming and so pure.

Claire and Dave's Intimate Garden Surprise Wedding Ceremony in Beaconsfield Samantha Kelsie Celebrant
I was so thrilled to be such a special part of Claire and Dave’s wedding day, but more so, I was truly honoured to have been their secret keeper for the last 5 months as well! What a priviledge, indeed.

Here’s wishing you both all the best… wherever in the world you may end up next! x