Stephanie & Ronan | Sensible Shoes and Glitter | Lewes Castle

Stephanie and Ronan celebrated their marriage in an outdoor ceremony at
Lewes Castle in East Sussex
on Friday 13th July 2018.

…gold, blush and glitter were the order of the day, and sensible shoes were left firmly at the gate!

When bride, Stephanie, first phoned me and said:

“I’m looking for a celebrant, but I don’t want someone who’s going to turn up on my wedding day wearing sensible shoes…” 

…I knew she’d dialled the right number.

Samantha Kelsie does not do ‘sensible shoes’ … and nor too did Steph, who practically skipped her way up the steps of Lewes Castle in the most gorgeous pair of stiletto heels, ready to meet ‘the lovely’ Ronan, who was waiting patiently at the top.

…and he really was lovely too; describing his bride-to-be as “a Joyful Sunflower with Dimples” when I insisted that he sum up Stephanie using 3-5 words!

So gorgeous they were, I could’ve married them both myself! But, rules are rules, and that would’ve been entirely inappropriate.


The fact remains, though, that Stephanie and Ronan really were one of my favourite couples of the season. Never have two people described one another using such delicious words and metaphors as they did.

When Stephanie described her feelings for Ronan as being like:

“…a warm and fuzzy feeling, a frisson from head to toe with butterflies in the tummy and a total sense of wonderment and love….”

…my own heart practically burst out of my chest!

But it wasn’t just the lack of ‘sensible shoes,’ and ‘love-drunk’ poetic ramblings that made me fall completely head-over-heels for Stephanie and Ronan; it was also their unashamed, almost child-like enthusiasm for glitter…

…or, Stephanie’s unashamed, almost child-like enthusiasm for glitter, anyway!

But she had more than enough enthusiasm for the both of them.

After sharing their love story (which, by the way, was even more epic, but if I go into that one too I’ll be practically gushing by the end of this post!), declaring their vows, exchanging their wedding rings, and following a rather theatrical re-telling of The Owl and the Pussy Cat by Aunt Sally – Stephanie and Ronan symbolised their union with a sand ceremony.

But these two didn’t use sand.

Oh no….

…they used glitter.

All was said and done. The glitter was artfully poured into an hour glass as guests joined in with a  soulful sing-a-long of “All You Need Is Love,” aided by our gorgeous gospel choir who ensured that the whole of Lewes and those back in Brighton could not only see the castle* but they could hear it too.

*Yes, Stephanie, that one’s for you 😉

And so, as always, on to the best bit of my job…

In a grand re-enactment of the moment they first met – see, I told you their love story was epic! – Stephanie and Ronan now had a train to catch, and so too did their guests.

(No, really! They were going on to party at Bluebell Railway
and the carriage hosting canapes was scheduled to depart at precisely 13:55!)

It was time to announce them as ‘Husband and Wife’ before all of the shoes (sensible or otherwise) began tiptoeing their way back down to the castle gate.

“Thank you SO much for all your love, light and humour on our big day. Everyone commented on how joyful the ceremony was and we will be eternally grateful for your wonderful energy and friendship. We had the most magical day, it was truly epic! Huge love and gratitude…”

“Thank you so much for crafting the most wonderful wedding celebration we could possibly have hoped for. When I got your first draft through it took all my powers of self-restraint not to forward it on to the entire congregation ahead of time. We look forward to turning our [sand ceremony] hour glass every year and will be thinking of you as we do it…”

Stephanie and Ronan – Train Girl and Train Boy 
It really was such a great glittery joy. 

Big kisses to you both…. Sx

Celebrant: Samantha Kelsie | UK Celebrant
Venue: Lewes Castle
Stunning photography: Sarah Wenban |

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